Vendor Tutorials



Use these tutorials to assist you with your day-to-day usage of PRISM. 

Note: Always follow your jurisdictional policies when using PRISM.

Privacy and Security

(Secured Compliance Reporting)




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General Administration Contract Compliance Reporting
    Add a New User  (4 min)    Submit a Contract Invoice Report    (4 min)
    Change my Password    (2 min)    Submit a Contract Payment Report    (4 min)
    Find my Password   (1 min)    Submit a Jurisdictional Payment Report (4 min)

   (jurisdiction to prime)

Miscellaneous Features Labor Management - Certified Payroll
   Search for Vendors  (2 min)    Add a Payroll   (7 min)
   Modify my Company Profile Information  (5 min)    Audit a Payroll  (3 min)
     Certify a Payroll  (3 min)
     Use Import Payroll Template (10 min)
     Import Payroll using Template (2 min)


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